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The Best Solution for You

With ALIGNOMETRY®, you can fully align your team or teams and help them achieve their goals smarter, faster, and more creatively.

ALIGNOMETRY® has been implemented in over 550 (as of 2021) teams in 9 different industries (hospitals, nursing homes, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, heavy equipment, transport, consulting, finance and IT).
The results have completely changed the daily work of our customers.


Our methodology toolkit has been in development for over 20 years and contains models and modules that we use to understand and solve any organizational or personal challenge in an operation.

Here are some typical challenges that our customers faced (see also testimonials ) and that we solved:   

  • Preparation and further development of the organization for the generational change

  • Implementation of a new organizational structure

  • Onboarding a new leadership team  

  • Redefining the mandate and strategy of a leadership team  

  • Navigating a complex reorganization

  • Revealing hidden obstacles in the team

  • Leading a multidisciplinary team

  • Resolution of longstanding team conflicts

  • Strengthening of cooperation in a sales team

  • Optimization of leadership skills

  • Managing the professional transition after a burnout

  • Resolution of interpersonal conflicts at a location

Contact me if you are interested in a free consultation.
Based on your specific challenge, we will find the best solution for you.

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