The Best Solution for You

Here is what we wish you to have, i.e., here is our promise:


Picture this: t's Monday morning, you've just had your weekly team meeting, and you're back in your office.

• The inbox is empty; there are no unnecessary, time-consuming internal emails.

• The team seems absorbed in its work; even the “more difficult” ones are productive.

• You look at your calendar, and there is nothing but space where the crisis meetings used to be.

• You look into your team management system to check the status quo. All signals are in green.

• You feel the smile spreading on your face. You walk out the door with a deep sense of satisfaction.

Finally, time again for your morning espresso in your favorite café around the corner and time to think about essential things such as future strategy.


ALIGNOMETRY® is all about “How to fully align your team(s) and have them hitting their targets in smarter, faster and more creative ways
-- all within 90 days.”


ALIGNOMETRY® has been implemented in 550+ (as of 2021) teams in 9 different industries
(Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Medical Devices, Pharma, Heavy Devices, Transportation, Consulting, Finance, and IT).

The results have been life-changing for our clients.


In general, what we work on falls into three categories (Goals):

  • You as a Leader

  • Your Team

  • Your Context


Our methodology toolkit, ALIGNOMETRY®, is 20+ years in the making and contains models and modules (see image Modules below) to understand and resolve any organizational challenges that fall into these three categories. Most complex challenges have a row of underlying causes that require attention and resolution in the correct sequence and depth.

Here are some complex real-life challenges our clients faced, which we resolved (see Testimonials):   

•    Implement a new organizational structure

•    Unveil potential hidden obstacles within the team

•    Create sustainable results aligned with client and organizational needs

•    Prepare and develop the organization for generational change (succession planning)

•    Lead a multidisciplinary team in times of change

•    Resolve a probelmatic, long-standing team conflict

•    Assess the health status of the organization for optimization

•    Develop a team towards mutual understanding and cooperation

•    Onboard a new leadership team in times of change

•    Navigate a complex organizational situation

•    Manage a career transition after burnout

•    Redefine mandate and strategy of a leadership team

•    Understand and manage complex personality structures

•    Boost cooperation in a sales team

•    Optimize leadership skills quickly

•    etc.



Contact me for a free 30-minute consultation. For quick feedback, you can use the chat function, too. Based on your specific challenge, we'll find the right service that works best for you.