Tailored Programs

We tailor your program to your needs based on a detailed analysis upfront.

Quick Check

Inventory & Evaluation of the current Overall Situation

Team Alignment

Inventory & Assessment of the current Team


Leadership Alignment

Evaluation of Leadership Needs and Actions Required  for Alignment

Org. Alignment

Design, initiating, and implementing

comprehensive Organizational Alignment

Talent Evaluation

Evaluation of Personal Capabilities & Talent

Talent Development

Evaluation & Development of Capabilities an Talents for Career Development


Evaluation of a conflict between two or more
parties and resolution guidance

Personal Coaching

Coaching by Z offers a row of Solutions for
different coaching needs


Support for contionous Self-Development on the

Training (D)

Hilft Teams, Konflikte zu verstehen und sie zu lösen.

Training (D)

Hilft Teams zu verstehen, wie sie effektiver kommunizieren und zusammenarbeiten können.

Training (D)

Hilft Teams zu beurteilen, wie sie als Team arbeiten und wie sie sich weiterentwickeln können.