So What?

You ask: What are the benefits of alignment?


Answer: An aligned organizational system based on conscious design results in significantly better team spirits and more targeted productivity. Constant small restructuring and selective corrections, on the other hand, rarely lead to the desired result.

An aligned organizational system builds on teams that function well, are agile, modular, flexible, and connected. When this is the case, even major restructuring is no longer a problem.

The first step in correcting any misalignments is to make a clear and confident decision to modify the existing system because it is not working well enough. This change is not as difficult as it often seems to most if it is also meaningfully communicated to those involved.

Now you will be wondering where and especially how do I start?


I want to offer you my support as a sparring partner with a proven methodology and many years of experience. This process will always reveal misalignments and previously hidden barriers. But I can promise you that we will at the same time find the right levers for meaningful change and better alignment.


You are probably thinking: What is my benefit?


You will gain experience through our cooperation and will be able to tackle changes yourself much more quickly in the future.


Imagine the following:

It's Monday morning, you've just had your weekly team meeting, and you're back in your office.

• The inbox is empty; there are no unnecessary, time-consuming internal emails.

• The team is absorbed in its work; even the "more difficult" ones are productive.

• You look at your calendar, and there is nothing but space where the crisis meetings used to be.

• You look into your team management system to check the status quo.

  Everything is in green.

• You feel the smile spreading on your face. You walk out the door with a deep sense of satisfaction. Finally, time again for your morning espresso in your favorite café around the corner and time to think about essential things such as future strategy.