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  • Zarmina Penner

Positive Discrimination or how to build SuperTeams

Robert Hogan talks about "singularity" in the sense that every person is unique as opposed to "normality" that does not exist. Being different is natural - it is discrimination in a positive sense. There is no one like anyone else. It's common sense to know, but it's not top-of-mind. I notice that almost everyone somehow feels discriminated against, even those who don't seem to need to be (e.g., in terms of gender, height, skin hue, birth country, education, age). So, what's the deal?

I am not making light of the matter. There are so many ways to discriminate negatively. It is a big problem, and I know how it feels to be a target. What I care about is how to stop fueling it in organizations. I know many organizations that have started initiatives to nip it in the bud. I suggest we stop giving it our attention. We can call it out if we see it happening, say no, and take appropriate action, of course. I have taught myself not to react, make a silent note to myself, and refuse to play random games others offer me.

Instead, our attention needs to go to the positives of uniqueness, especially when building teams. We can appreciate and enhance what makes people unique. We can grow the evidence base of why individuality is mission-critical in such rapidly changing uncertain times. How about an experiment? Next time we set up a project team, we use assessment tools to differentiate and select the exact right people for the job: skillset, level of experience, track record, potential, maturity, and reliability. Then we measure the outcome with carefully chosen indicators for time, quality, use of resources, and team spirit. And compare them to previous results.

The point is that although it is clear that uniqueness is a good thing, it is eye-opening to see the real-world impact and measurable results of what is achievable when we genuinely appreciate differences. And yes, you most probably do have the right people in your organizations if your intake processes are working well enough. It is just a question of locating and using the uniqueness available to you.

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