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Your Mastermind Alliance

In March, Nature's new year begins and, with that, the loveliest time of the year. I hope you are doing well despite everything going on around us. I'm doing fine.

This time around, let's talk about greatness and alliances.

You can recognize greatness in others in how they genuinely care about people, use common sense, and talk candidly. They focus on you, listen politely, and respond if they have something to say. Their usually short response cuts swiftly through the confusion to the point and shines the light of their intelligence onto the matter. You walk away as a changed person, feeling uplifted.

Take Napoleon Hill, who laid the groundwork for modern-day self-development in a series of talks in the fifties. Whatever you may read today about self-development is more often than not a variation of his original teachings. His manner of educating others, kind voice, and light humor demonstrate his character.

In one of his teachings, Hill talks about the Mastermind Alliance.

(The word “mastermind” keeps popping up these days, so I was curious to hear what he had to say and again realized there is nothing new under the sun.)

In today's terminology, a Mastermind Alliance is something like a Super Team, a group of people, two or more, who work together on a common purpose that matters deeply to them. They are so tight-knit and receptive to each other that their brains seem to merge into one brain that they use collectively. (By the way, a good marriage can very well be a Mastermind Alliance, too.)

I have always known that well-performing and well-connected teams are the critical building blocks of well-functioning organizations. Besides leadership and performance, it is an aspect I focus on most in my work. Therefore, I was interested in Hill's description of the people necessary to create a Mastermind Alliance, i.e., a Super Team.

Here is what Hill says, and as expected, his advice is simple, common sense, and profound. When you choose a person for your Mastermind Alliance, he says, make sure that all of these six traits apply:

  1. the person is dependable

  2. the person is loyal

  3. the person is capable

  4. the person has a positive mental attitude

  5. the person is willing to go the extra mile

  6. the person has demonstrable (applied) faith that the common purpose will undeniably work out in the end, come what may.

A Mastermind Alliance is itself an opportunity to cultivate emerging greatness in others.

Now it's your turn.

Do you have a Mastermind Alliance in place in your life and workplace? Is there one operating at the highest level of your organization? How well are these Masterminds doing?

If performance and team spirit are under par anywhere in your setting, and you are the person in charge, use the assessment above, starting with yourself as a Mastermind participant. It takes away the guesswork. While doing the evaluation, trust your gut and don't sugarcoat. You know the answers.

Reflect on it, then carefully take decisive curative action.

Kind regards,


P.S.: I am always thrilled to hear your feedback or any suggestions for the newsletter's content. And please do forward the newsletter to others who may benefit from it. I appreciate it.

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