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Dr Zarmina Penner


I've been a business, team, and personal coach for over 20 years. From open questions, recurring challenges, curiosity about organizational matters, and years of working with organizations, teams, and managers, I have developed a process to align the internal organization of any company with its vision and strategy. Organizational alignment naturally leads to significantly higher productivity, greater well-being, and a better team spirit. In essence, the process is about: 

  • Inspiring to think differently, 

  • Building high-spirited collaborative communities, and

  • Offering practical (universal) solutions for typical leadership challenges.


My background in medicine, medical informatics, business, and integrative health sciences builds the foundation for my work. So far, I have worked with companies in 9 different industries: Pharmaceuticals, medical devices, heavy equipment, transportation, consulting, finance, IT, Hospitals, and nursing homes.


The projects involve mergers and acquisitions, corporate reorganizations, crisis management, and other transformations. I work with national and international clients in both English and German.


Dr. med. Zarmina Penner, MBA, MAS

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