Dr Zarmina Penner

About Me

My name is Zarmina. I've been a business, team, and personal coach for over 20 years.

During my medical studies, I experienced different health institutions. I still remember the growing frustration I felt trying to get involved in daily work in the best possible way. In doing so, however, I repeatedly encountered considerable resistance.

As a student, dealing with the patient was already a challenge, but working within the hospital's structure and processes were even more demanding. It often seemed as if nobody knew what others were doing. Besides, it gave the impression that no one person felt responsible for the overall organizational process and the working atmosphere.

So I asked myself whether misalignment is exemplary for healthcare facilities or not. (I know today that the answer is no.)
My own experiences aroused my interest, and I made it my job to determine why such undesirable developments occur in the first place and how organizations can achieve better alignment.


Today, I know that this is possible; I have developed a practical and effective method to align your company's internal organization in line with what your organization is trying to achieve. Organizational alignment always leads to significantly higher productivity, greater well-being, and better team spirits.

In essence, my client work is always about 

  • Inspiring others to think differently, 

  • Building high-spirited collaborative communities, and

  • Offering practical (universal) solutions for typical leadership challenges, I have experienced in my client work in the past 20+ years.

Professional Profile

Dr. med. Zarmina Penner, MBA, MAS

A medical doctor by training, I have worked as a management consultant and coach for over 20 years. Beside medicine, I have knowledge and experience in medical informatics, business, and integrative health sciences. So far, I have worked with companies in 9 different industries* on mergers and acquisitions, corporate reorganizations, crises, and changes. I work with national and international clients in both English and German.

*Hospitals, nursing homes, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, heavy equipment, transportation, consulting, finance, and IT