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Why should you invest in alignment and good organization? 

Losing time to lack of organization misalignment is unnecessary. Time is a finite and precious resource, and your quality of life matters too. Diligent and responsible leaders who spend most of their waking time working or thinking about work suffer most because they are the ones who usually pick up the slack and save the day.

While mostly the focus is on individual talents and developing, nurturing, and promoting them, I see teams' potential first and foremost. 

No one individual has all the answers, especially in a world growing in complexity by the hour. Though undoubtedly individual talents count too, teams are the fundamental units of successful organizations. Carefully set up teams using available talent led by outstanding leaders is the way to go. The teams' good spirits will be palpable, and their high productivity obvious.

While you can't control or align everything in your workplace, but you can, for sure, in your area of responsibility. If you take it upon yourself to dedicate yourself to this task for a short while, you will be surprised how much change is possible and how well-thought-out and swiftly implemented solutions can be significantly helpful.

In most cases, change doesn't happen because it is too difficult, but because no one takes the lead, waiting for someone else to go first. Experience shows that it is best to take charge and full responsibility for all issues in the area of authority, even though third parties may seem to be the cause.

Unattended, minor conflicts and budding misalignment can swiftly grow out of proportion. Someone needs to wave the baton, call out what is broken, and orchestrate the editing efforts. Per definition, that someone is no other than the leader in charge.


"The secret to change is to focus all your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new."

- Socrates

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